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~For xLeonKennedyx~ by xJillValentinex
~Endure and Survive~ by xJillValentinex
59 Code Veronica Comic Icons


Free to use. Just don’t claim as your own and include credit. All icons are from chapter 1, and the original comic can be found here.

100x100 icons

  • 33 Claire icons
  • 17 Steve icons
  • 5 Alfred icons
  • 1 Alexia icon
  • 3 bonus zombie icons

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RE5 Icons


I made some shitty 100x100 icons. Includes:

  • 7 Chris Redfield
  • 10 Jill Valentine
  • 7 Sheva Alomar
  • 3 Albert Wesker
  • 1 Rebecca Chambers
  • 2 Barry Burton
  • 6 Chris and Sheva
  • 3 Chris and Jill
  • 2 Josh and Jill
  • 2 Spencer Mansion



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Weekly Update
New icon ♥ Leon and Ashley (icon not mine)
  • Thinking about doing a Leon/Ada wallpaper, a Claire/Leon wallpaper, and a Claire/Jill wallpaper. Possibly, several other characters as well, including Rebecca Chambers, Claire Redfield, and Jack Krauser.
  • Possible wallpapers for Skyrim, The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption, and other games.
  • Still looking for requests.


  • Click here for information regarding new layout. Re-uploads will continue soon.
  • Working on new chapters of Always Be Here and Diary of Darkness.
  • Upcoming: A Sherry and Claire one-shot (Guardian Angel), and a Steve/Claire two-shot (Let Me Live).
  • Working on a 50 word challenge for various RE couples.
  • Excerpt for ‘Under the STARS’ was posted; currently working on the third chapter.

Requests- If you want to request, the askbox on here and on my personal blog is open; anon allowed. You can also leave a comment on my deviantart or send me a PM on there.

~The Last of Us~ by xJillValentinex